Hello world! I’m Jeremy.

I’m based in San Francisco where I work on projects that bridge the gap between bits and atoms.

My free time is spent chasing a toddler, playing & building pinball machines, repairing vintage computers, and dreaming about SPILFs (side-projects I’d like to finish).

The fastest way to reach me is by sending me a message on twitter at @jherrm, but feel free to send me an email at [email protected] if you’d like.

What I’ve Been Up To

Over the last 15 years I’ve founded companies that help make the tools of invention more accessible.


Founder & CTO 2019 – 2022

Most recently, I was founding CTO at Volition, where we developed a marketplace focused on industrial components for hardware teams. Our catalog is powered by a data pipeline capable of handling millions of products with complex attributes and related assets.



Founder & CTO 2013 – 2019

At Plethora, we built software-driven factories using multi-ton CNC machines and pioneered instant manufacturability feedback plugins for CAD software. As founding CTO, I created the initial prototypes of our core technology, built and led a broad engineering team, assisted in fundraising, and guided IP portfolio development.

Patents: Automated Quoting, Design-for-Manufacturability Checks

Plethora’s San Francisco Factory circa 2017

Plethora’s San Francisco Factory circa 2017

A high level overview of Plethora’s capabilities.

A high level overview of Plethora’s capabilities.